Dave At Niagara Falls
Dave in a natural state of adventure

The Coffee 401 chronicles the adventures of avid coffee shop frequenter Dave as he travels all over Rhode Island in search of the best coffee shops. This site is about the journey as well as each destination, so you may get a bit more than just a coffee shop review as you read through. That’s okay, because you’re here to have fun, enjoy the journey, and maybe even discover a new favorite coffee shop along the way. The Coffee 401 is a labor of love, from one coffee drinker to another.

All ratings and opinions are Dave’s only, and not meant to be construed as absolute truth, medical advice, or professional financial advice. Any knowledge gained from The Coffee 401 should be used wisely and treated with care. Knowledge is power, and as Stan Lee once said through his beloved character Spiderman*:

With great power comes great responsibility.

So please read responsibly.

Oh, and yes, that is Dave standing by Niagara Falls getting drenched. This is a site about (coffee) adventure, so it seemed an adventure photo would be good here. Imagine if, instead of water, that was actually coffee coming down the falls… 😀

Last but not least, this site wouldn’t have made it out of the imagination stage if it weren’t for a little help from upstairs, so here’s a special shout out to God and Jesus for that extra nudge to get Dave out of his comfort zone and laziness mindset to make this happen. If you’re a Christian you might understand. 😉

OK that’s it from us at the Coffee 401 creative writing department. Next up, if you haven’t yet read it, start with the post on how it all began…

* Fine, technically it was Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben who said that.