The Rhode Island Coffee Adventure Begins

Adventure July 6, 2018


The Rhode Island Coffee Adventure Begins

How did this happen? Here I am taking a break from working and hanging out with friends to embark on an epic journey: creating a wonderful blog on the coffee shops of Rhode Island. But how did I get here? Probably a little back story would be a good place to start.

Coffee and Frequenting Coffee Shops is a passion of mine. As a freelance web designer, and photographer I find myself in coffee shops a lot. As a native Rhode Islander, I have always wished there was a website that had all the coffee shops in Rhode Island with some cool ratings so I’d be able to quickly find a new coffee shop to try based on what I was planning to do. Meeting a friend? Try here. Working on a project for the next four hours? Go here. Unfortunately, when it came time to find something new, Yelp and Trip Advisor just weren’t cutting it. That meant I mostly just stuck to my go to places, except for the rare occasions where I was ready for a coffee adventure (and wouldn’t mind if I was disappointed).

All that changed when I bought the RI Food Fights “Iced Coffee Summer Celebration” coupon pack. (Side note: if you haven’t heard of RI Food Fights you should check them out. Next up is the ICE CREAM Throwdown! Awesome!, OK back to the post…) I realized I didn’t know half of the coffee shops I had coupons for. Wow. There were so many places I needed to check out, and something told me it would be great to actually rate them for different things and keep a log for future use.

Well a log of coffee shops would cool, but just for myself? Mmm, that’s kind of lame, let’s be honest. It would be way more fun if I shared it with fellow Rhode Islanders and visitors! So here I am creating a site to do just that!

The Coffee List
The Coffee List: 37 Free Cups of Iced Coffee

Okay, here’s the goal: There are 37 coffee shops to try. I’m going to head in with camera in hand and check out each place. I’ll try their iced coffee, take a few photos and post it up for all of you fine people of the internet. I’ll rate each one (it is a food fight after all), and I’ll post the location so you’ll easily be able to find it if it looks like a place you’d want to check out. I’m hoping it will be as useful to you as it will be for me. It’s already basically a week into July and I have until the end of the month to use these coupons. I probably won’t make it to them all but I’ll get to as many as possible before they stop giving me free iced coffee!

Of course, if this fun project is well received, then I’ll keep it going and try to get to all the other coffee shops I don’t get to this month. Maybe these coupons will just be a jumping off point to something wonderful that should have been done a long time ago in RI, the state with the highest number of coffee shops per square mile of any state in the nation!* I’m ready to take an epic coffee shop journey, are you ready to come along?

Oh hey, one last thing. If you’re enjoying this or have any ideas for me, post a comment below, or hit that contact button and send me a message. I look forward to hearing from you. Now, let the adventure begin!

*Actually I can’t find anything to back that up, so at this point it’s just a hopeful guess.

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